Where to travel in June?


June is here…last few days before the school starts. Are you tired of the unbearable summer heat and feel the need to escape to a cooler destination?? Well, we have picked few of the best offbeat spots across the country where you can head for a much needed break.

June brings with it either torrential rains or sizzling heat depending on where in India you are at the moment! But for all you travel enthusiasts yearning for a holiday, we’ve picked a few great spots where you can travel and avoid the rains as well as the heat.



Ladakh had to figure at the top of our list! Lying in the North of India this arid mountainous region is very unlike any other you would have seen in India. It boasts of rugged brown mountains(very similar to the Tibetan landscape), snow fall, adventure road trips on the highest motor able road in the world and Buddhist prayer flags! June is the perfect time to go explore this offbeat destination and indulge in some adventure sports with your loved ones!


This ski resort town ,two-hour from Srinagar is flooded with tourists in the months of May June. Known for its meadows and  skiing, Gulmarg has been a hot favorite summer destination since British times! The temperature usually hovers between 13°C – 25°C  and you might encounter a slight drizzle or two, but nothing compared to the heavy continuous rain in other parts of India. It has the perfect romantic weather suitable for long walks, horse riding and golfing!


 Northern Sikkim

Located in the north east India, northern Sikkim(the largest of the 4 districts of Sikkim)has an amazingly varied landscape from temperate to alpine to tundra as you move northward! You will be rewarded by numerous waterfalls, virgin villages, valleys flourishing with rhododendrons and alpine lake of Gurudongmar (located very close to the Indo Chinese Border).


Spiti Valley, Himachal

Spiti is located in one  of the most unexplored and virgin destinations in  eastern Himachal Pradesh. Known for its desert like  mountain valley and beautiful monasteries, this terrain is completely isolated during winters. Hence  the summer months of May and June are perfect to explore Spiti to the maximum. It is also one of the closest destination while on your way to Ladakh!


Malana Village, Himachal

Located in the north east of Kullu Valley, Malana Village is an ancient  village which has been isolated from the rest of the world since ages! It is a unique place where you will find locals churning Cannabis plants into charas (hashish) and  a  100 distinct stone roofed housed village. Most of the locals are either traditional shepherds or herb hunters and follow their own customs and traditions( it is believed  that they don’t follow the constitution of India). A lot of legends say Malani people are descendents of Greek soldiers of the Alexanders army but there is no definite proof to that.


Houses in Malana are of two or three storeys and each storey has a specific name and purpose.  The ground floor is called khudang which acts as a cattle shed and where the firewood and fodder for the sheep and goats are stored.  The first floor called Gaying is used to store eatables, wood and for weaving woolen fabric.  The top floor with an over hanging balcony is called pati.  It is the living quarter.  The houses are built of alternate bands of stone and timber.  The inner walls are plastered with mud.  The outer side is entirely made up of wood.


Munnar, Kerala

One of the most popular hill stations in Kerala, Munnar is favourite honeymoon destination in India. If you want to enjoy the lush greenery and cool weather like you see in Munnar wallpapers, June is one of the best time to visit! With its scenic locales, vast stretches of emerald tea plantations & forests, pervading calm and fascinating views, Munnar  is sure to leave you spellbound !


Wayanad ,Kerala

One of the best ways to experience the monsoon in Kerala is to take refuge in one of the tree houses. Tree houses are recent eco-friendly initiative to boost tourism in Kerala. Hovering 30 meters above a rainforest canopy  on your very own tree house…there can never be a more beautiful start to the day!



Take a tour to Darjeeling in the month of June to enjoy a relaxed vacation. Along with the pleasant weather,  you will get to enjoy mind blowing views of Kanchenjunga(K3) and  an amazing  train  ride in the lap of nature.  Go to Tiger Hills to witness the sun rise behind the K3 or explore the Himalayan zoo if you love animals. Here is one place that has the Buddhist monasteries, charming old markets, Wildlife, Magnificent views, tea plantations  and  a  “toy train” ride by Darjeeling Mountain Railways inscribed by UNESCO as World Heritage Site all under one roof!



Fondly said to be the ‘gift of the forest’, Kodaikanal is a scenic hill station located in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Perched on lofty hills and surrounded by lush green  forest of  the Western Ghats, Kodaikanal is renowned for majestic panoramas, waterfalls and emerald lakes. You will be rewarded with excellent climate and scenic views of tea plantations in the month of June. Some of the things to indulge while in Kodaikanal are a visit to Sacred Heart Natural Science Museum, Moir’s Point, Berijam Lake and horse riding at Kodai Lake.


Located in the Nilgiris, Ooty is one of South India’s most famous hill stations and is fondly referred to as the ‘queen of hill stations’. In June, rain lashes the hillsides and the mercury hovers between 18° and 10° C, making Ooty an extremely popular destination for those seeking cooler climes. As such, it can get a bit crowded. However, there are is plenty of luxury accommodation away from the crowded parts of the town. During one of the brief dry spells, plan a visit to the Botanical Garden, which is home to a thousand different varieties of plants; go boating on Ooty Lake, visit St Stephen’s Church or spend a rainy afternoon indoors at the Government Museum & Art Gallery which is open from 10am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 5pm.


One of Himachal Pradesh’s most famous hill stations, Manali sits nearly 6,700 ft above sea level. As a result, June temperatures average between 27° and 12° C. In recent times, this quiet town once only frequented by backpackers has undergone a sea change with a host of upmarket resorts and restaurants popping up all over the place. Take in the breath-taking view from Nagar Castle before making your way to Vahist (6 km away) to soak in its hot springs.


Spread out over five hills, Dalhousie was yet another summer retreat of the British Raj in India. In the monsoon, the temperature stays between 27° and 10° C. If you have a car at your disposal, driving around the surrounding mountains is a great way to spend your day as the hills are lush and the vegetation is thick. Additionally, visit the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary, which is located roughly 9km away. The sanctuary is home to a wide variety of animals including leopards, deer, jackals and langurs. Plan in such a way that you set aside at least half a day for exploring, or your visit will be disappointing. Do keep in mind however that the rain—though beautiful—might play spoilsport.



You may have not heard about Drass much but it is said to the second the coldest inhabited place in Asia with temperatures less than minus 60 in winters. But the summer months of June to September are the best time (and may be the only time) to see this destination. Drass is a charming valley bustling on riverbanks, starts from the base of the Zoji La pass. Situated at an altitude of 10990 feet from sea level and the mountain ridges range from 16,000 to 21,000 feet, it  is often referred to as ‘The Gateway to Ladakh’ and is situated in the Kargil District of Jammu and Kashmir. All those of you driving from Kashmir to Ladakh will  definitely pass by it!


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