Where to see wild Kangaroos in NSW

Where to find wild Kangaroos in NSW

We have had so many people roll their eyes in bewilderment when we mention that you can see Kangaroo’s in the wild in NSW, just a few hours from Sydney! Of course, you can meet Kangaroo’s in any of the wildlife parks in Sydney but there’s something so exciting about viewing Kangaroos in the wild, isn’t it?

Kangaroos are very interesting animals.  They will never fail to entice you whether it’s their awkward stances, their inquisitive looks, or the way they effortlessly yet gracefully bounce around the place.  These native animals can be spotted at abundant locations throughout Australia, but did you know you can see them in their natural surrounding, just a couple of hours from Sydney?

We have come up with a list of places you can see these typically Aussie animals, compiled over many years. Here are the top locations for kangaroo spotting in NSW.


Top places to spot Kangaroos in the wild in NSW

Batesmans Bay

Pebbly Beach Kangaroos PC: Nisreen Akolawala

If you want to see some wild kangaroos on the beach in Australia, it’s hard to beat the ones we saw on the South Coast of NSW, especially Pretty Beach, Pebbly Beach and Depot Beach located within Murramarang National Park. This was our best-kept secret for so many years, alas you all know of it now!

PS: The Kangaroos in Pebbly beach are wild yet so human-friendly that they allow you to come close without even raising an eye.

Green Patch Beach, Jervis Bay

Green-Patch Kangaroos

Green-Patch Kangaroos PC: Visit NSW

This was the first destination we spotted Kangaroos and Wallabies in. As you already know, Jervis Bay ( Hyams Beach) is ranked to have the whitest and softest sand in the world. Well, you now have another reason to book that camping site located next to the beach 🙂


Lake Conjola camping ground and beach

Lake Conjola Kangaroos

Lake Conjola Kangaroo PC: Nisreen Akolawala

Another fantastic camping site located by the beach where you will be surrounded by Roos during the night and day. If you are an early riser, you will get to capture a scene like this! Win-win for sure.

Morriset- Silky Oak Drive


Morriset National Park Kangaroo

Morriset National Park Kangaroo PC: Nisreen Akolawala

If you do not have the time and inclination to drive 250kms and want to see Kangaroos closer to home then here is where you should head to! Located only 120 kilometers north of Sydney, you can never go away from here without spotting kangaroos. And surprisingly there are plenty of them ever ready to take a selfie with you.

All you need to do is drive up to Morisset town and head towards Silky Oak Drive near the Morisset Psychiatric Services Hospital.

Del Rio Riverside Resort camping ground


You will not regret an overnight trip to Del Rio Riverside Resort, located near Wisemans Ferry! Here is where you can see more than a dozen of Kangaroos, Wallabies that freely roam on their beautiful 450-acre property. The best part of the experience is walking on in the wee of the morning, surrounded by so many Kangaroos. Whats more, this place is located just around 1 hour from Sydney. Whatcha waiting for?

Apart from these places, we have heard that there are high chances of spotting Kangaroos in Eureka clearing Camp site in the Blue Mountains, Cattai National Park and Nelsons Bay/ Port Stephens as well. If you have any more to add to this list, please do write to us at vlive2travel@gmail.com or comment below. We are always on the lookout for such tips!

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Other tips:

There are higher chances of seeing Kangaroos at dawn or dusk

You will have higher chances of seeing the Roos if you head to any open area like a valley or a Golf Course

Kangaroos usually thrive in groups so if you have seen one, be sure that there are many more around!





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