What’s Meaningful Travel ?

 meaningful travel


What is meaningful Travel? Travel in which you can make a difference to the society, to your surrounding and to nature and wildlife is what travelling meaningfully is!

Yes, you may travel for the sake of exploring new places, new destinations and for the fun and enjoyment of yourself and your family. But if you are amongst the few blessed ones who travel every year, every month or every weekend why not give back to the world and make a difference while you travel and come back a more peaceful, happier and grateful person!

Go to Philippines and volunteer for child welfare and teaching, help an organisation to protect wild animals in Africa ,  visit India and experience living with the villagers and helping them with their work; buy local handmade articles right off their homes rather than spending 10 times more in the local mall or a supermarket in your city and find inner happiness and gratitude seeing them happily living their lives with the least of things.

There are numerous ways in which you can volunteer to make a difference to the society, whilst enjoying your travel. At the end of it, I assure you that you will come back a changed person and finally realize that it’s not possessions or lifestyle that makes your life enriched, but these small experiences and contributions that you will make along your Life’s Journey.


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