Weekend destination’s from Mumbai : Purushwadi


Come June, and the slight drizzle of the rain brings out  the comforting earthy smell that all Mumbaikars have been waiting for all year! But monsoon also brings out lots more magical happenings, if only you are ready to travel the distance!

Mumbai, known as the commercial Capital of India, can get a bit stressful to your nerves and once in a while you’ll want to run out of this concrete jungle and get a feel of a simple life. Purushwadi, in rural Maharashtra is a perfect weekend getaway for all Mumbaikar’s who love to explore or for travelers looking to get off the beaten track! Read on to know more about all the things you will encounter in Purushwadi.


  1. Fireflies– On the onset of the monsoon, as the parched earth welcomes the change of weather, somewhere in a tiny village 5 hours drive from Mumbai, a million fireflies light up in a celebration of sorts! These twinkling lights you see are just the males trying to attract the women. In response, the females flash back to acknowledge this chemistry! This magical phenomenon, happens just once a year and just for 2-3 weeks.
  2. Village life– From lush green rice paddies to rip mangoes, from simple village huts to hand made Puran poli’s made by the villagers…you will experience stuff that will touch your soul!
  3. A feeling of pride– This holiday you take is different from the regular ones you take. You ask how? Well booking a tour to visit and stay in Purushwadi, you will not only experience some of the miracles of nature but in turn also help to contribute to the village folk. Your funds are going to help the villagers take pride in their culture and artwork and could help create over 2000 days of employment for them.
  4. Experience rustic accommodation– Yes!! You can choose to either spend the night in a camp or a homestay. We assure you that it may not be a  5 star accommodation, but definitely a 5 million star one! And nothing ever can compare to this experience.


How to reach:

Drive along the National Highway 3 to Igatpuri via the Thane Check Naka. 8 km ahead of Igatpuri, take a right turn at Ghoti towards Sangamner. From here on you will pass through Goti – Rajur – Purushwadi.

If coming by rail, follow this plan:

Nearest stations: Kasara (90-100 km away); Igatpuri (80-90 km away). From either station, you can hop on to a bus or a jeep to Rajur petrol pump and from there on a jeep to get to Purushwadi.



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