Tam Coc Boat tour

Vietnam is a beautiful country that is known for its long coastline, tasty local food, interesting Architecture and lots of hidden destinations waiting to be explored. It is typically divided into distinct regions; Northern, Central and South Vietnam. Since we just had a little more than a week we decided to go for the more offbeat Central and Northern part of Vietnam, for our next travel escape.

A lot of people are wary of going to Vietnam owing to its negative publicity by some travel bloggers. But I loved Vietnam! Vietnam is a fantastic country and if you skipped it, you would miss out on a lot.  It has one of the best food in Southeast Asia.  The scenery is colourful and gorgeous, featuring turquoise beaches to mountains to lush green terraced rice paddies.  The cities are diverse, colourful and fascinating, and there are so many activities in Vietnam, that you may not get to enjoy anywhere else in the world!

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