Travel with us to rural Rajasthan!

Travel with us to a rural Village  home stay  in Rajasthan. Have simple home cooked Rajasthani food, wander around the village and interact with locals, go for bird spotting, enjoy a Camel safari in the Thar desert and  watch the sun go down to bring a blanket of  million stars! Experience what you have missed  in the hard and fast city life! Slow down and see the world through the eyes of your  local Rajasthani hosts(belonging to the weaver class) and come back refreshed and happier with a deeper understanding of local culture and a gratitude for the luxuries you enjoy in regular lives!

Soul Indian Journeys truly believes that a soul of a country lies within its villages! We are always striving to get in touch and collaborate with such rural organizations and home stays that will allow travelers to experience all this and more!

Let us remind you once more that if you are looking for a “Hotel” experience with “plush interiors” and “continental cuisine” than this is not for you. But if you are looking for real travel experiences with home cooked local food, warm and hospitable hosts and simple homely rooms that bring out the ethnic essence of the land than this holiday experience  is just for you!

Food & Stay:

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Your local hosts wife and mother will make mouth-watering  homely food made with extra care and  they are famous for taste of their  spices. The dishes are just mouth-watering and with typical Rajasthani taste and there’s no limit to the servings.

You will get to stay in a traditional hut with thatched roof  which stays warm in winter and cool in summer. The cottages are designed with  tribal drawings on them which are made by the family itself. Special emphasis is given on cleanliness in the cottage and in bathroom which is of western style. You may choose to  drag your bed out in the night and sleep under the stars. We promise you a sight that will have a billion stars sparkling in the night and a cool breeze gently kissing your cheeks.

Other Village home stay facilities:

24 hour water available Western style washroom Car parking space Doctor available in village and in Jodhpur for any medical emergency Safe for solo travelers, couples, families and groups Internet signal is good if you are carrying your own data card Safety deposit facility Money exchange available on request Laundry facility.

Activities  to indulge in and around the homestay:

Within the homestay:

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  1.  You can learn durrie (rug) making with your host family.
  2. Learn how to cook traditional Rajasthani food (Bajra-ki roti, Besan-ke gatte, The fiery chutney of red chilli and garlic and a range of other things).
  3. Learn to milk the cows, indulge in and study how a Marwari family goes about its daily chores in this part of Rajasthan.
  4. Dress up like a local and spend an evening watching village artists perform traditional dance for you (upon request)

Around the homestay:

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  1. Go for a morning walk, feed the birds and watch the stunning sunrise from a hill which once rested at the bottom of a sea bed .
  2. Go for a half day/ full day safari of the  village, which is  inhabited by the Bishnoi community which worships Lord Vishnu and is vegetarian. Visit the potter, weaver, block printer and shepherd families .
  3. Sunset trekking on rock near the village.
  4. Go for local City sightseeing (Mehrangarh Fort, Juswant thada, Umed Bhawan Palace, Mandor Garden, Clock Tower).
  5. Enjoy a Camel Safari in the  Thar desert (2 Hours).
  6. Visit a temple which is 2000 Year old .
  7. Indulge in shopping

Other important information for you

  1. ATMs of multiple private as well as nationalized banks (SBI, UCO Bank) are available.
  2. Best time to visit is from October to March.
  3. The homestay will provide enough blankets. We urge you to carry sun shades, hats and sunscreen as per your personal need for outdoor visits and adventures.
  4. For any medical emergency, assistance is available.
  5. Please carry any specific and special medication that your doctor may have recommended.
  6. It is a village homestay, so you will experience a family atmosphere which will not be like that of a hotel.
  7. There is no menu. Food will be home cooked  and similar to what the family eats. Please feel free to request anything specific but with a days notice.
  8. Carry torch, mobile phone chargers, converters (adaptors) and comfortable walking shoes.

Contact us for detailed itinerary to this unique Rajasthani Village.


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