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India is full of beautiful landscapes, but very few matches the beauty and serenity of North Sikkim, where you can still hear the silence, can experience the nature undisturbed by the so called development by humans and where experiencing nature takes precedence over any other worries you have. Visit to North Sikkim will definitely leave you rejuvenated but also make you realize what you have lost due to modern day development.

Being the Northern most district of State of Sikkim, India, Large part of it is still undisturbed by the human interference,which is a boon for all you Travelers wanting to explore it before it gets commercialized!

The road trip to Gurudongmar is one you just HAVE to take once in your lifetime!



The start point of your journey might look like  the image above, a quaint town of Lachen .


From Gangtok, Gurudongmar is 175 km away. On the plains, it may not seem like much distance. Closest town on the way is Lachen. But acclimatization is necessary for such high altitudes. Else, altitude sickness is almost sure to strike. It’s close to India’s border with Tibet so access is restricted and visitors need the Indian Army’s permission to proceed to the lake.

The thrills and spills of the adrenaline pumping bike odyssey to Gurudongmar lake in Sikkim are drawing many adventure enthusiasts. On the next trip to Sikkim, try biking up north to Gurudongmar lake. It’s not for the fainthearted, and that’s the thrill for adrenaline junkies. Taking a road trip to the lake at 17,100 ft in extreme cold — at 8°C in summer and 4°C in winter — is the kind of high adventure tourists seek. Their numbers are growing, if tour operators in Sikkim are to be believed. The closest town on the way is Lachen, from where you have to leave before sunrise(at an ungodly hour of 4-30 am, if I may say so!)But the moment you open your sleepy eyes and start admiring the beautiful landscapes as your car drives upward, you will be in total AWE!

Most of  the tourists  that ride up to see a clear blue lake, ringed with snow-capped peaks have just one word to describe the experience — “heaven”. The lake is actually a crater full of water that perfectly reflects the blue sky above.

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lachen2.jpg lachen4 DSC_9830

  Above :The Landscapes on the way

Plus, there’s no clear “road” to the lake. It’s a vast brown stretch of plateau, not something worth staring at after hunkering a motorbike up 17,100ft of precarious, winding roads that are highly prone to subside in landslides.

A lot of you will see that it resembles the Tibetan Landscapes you have seen or heard of, specially the brown mountains and rugged landscape on part of the journey closer to the Lake. This is because it’s close to India’s border with Tibet .

Just when you have started getting used to the ruggedness you will be enthralled to see the most pristine white ring of mountains in the foreground. You have by now got the feeling of  approaching HEAVEN.

Motorist Debasish said: “The sudden realization of crossing the Himalayas and entering the Tibetan plateau creates a different feeling altogether. There is, however, equally a feeling of thrill because of the low oxygen level, the motorcycle which despite riding on plain ground does not run fast as combustion of fuel at such high altitudes is slow.”


As the Lake Approaches:

IMG_4235 IMG_4238

Before the lake comes into view, visitors generally see a shrine — the Sarva Dharma Sthal (place of prayer for all religions).“For Buddhists and Sikhs, the shrine is important. It is said that both Guru Padmasambhava and Guru Nanak visited Gurudongmar. Bikers sometimes collect water from the lake because it is considered sacred,” a local in Lachen said.


And this, my friends…. is the view you get !


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