How you can follow Responsible Tourism:

 We have made sure we choose  home stays and hotels with care. Each place you will be staying at has been built with locally available materials, allows you to get introduced to local craftsmen and helps you learn the art and crafts of India that have been forgotten over time. You will in more ways than one, add to the local tourism economy by staying with them and buying their handmade articles. The food you will eat will be freshly made by your hosts and if you are interested, you can also  learn how to cook local Cuisine while you stay there. All the accommodations we choose hire local villagers in all their work and make sure they buy part locally grown/made products.

We request you to follow the following rules so as to make it a more responsible tour for yourselves as well as for the land and people  you visiting:

  1. Please do not litter any place you go to. Carry a small paper bag and dump your garbage in it until you find the next dustbin.
  2. Carry old clothes/stationary or anything else you feel you are not in need of. There will be million occasions you will find people who are in more need of these basic necessities which are available in plenty to us.
  3. Treat your hosts as your extended family and your homestay as your own house. Don’t order them or treat them with disrespect.
  4. The very reason you have chosen to stay in  a homestay is that you want to experience local culture/food and hospitality, whilst living with the locals. They will go out of their way to make your stay comfortable and “homely”. We would ask you to refrain from expecting  hotel like luxuries from your hosts.
  5. Sit over a cup of Coffee or Tea with your hosts and watch the Pandora’s box  of stories open(from both ends).


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