Photo Essay: The Kingdom of Bahrain

As soon as I set foot in my flight to Bahrain, the first Gulf country I travelled to..I somehow felt at home by the loving and happy Bahraini people. It surely didn’t take time for me to realized that there is a beautiful mix of cultures and countries all living in Bahrain creating a juxtaposition of sorts. Who knew I would have a trip of a lifetime in 14 days of my stay here. Shukran Allah (meaning Thank you oh Lord) is all I can say!

Bahrain state,  originally an archipelago of 33 islands inter connected by bridges is now home to Indians, Europeans, Americans, Pakistani’s , Philiphinos & Paris’s apart from  the local Arabs. The main city Manama, where I lived is a far cry from all the other smaller (and more traditional) towns around it. Manama boasts of tall swanky skyscrapers, reclaimed waterfront areas, luxury townhouses as well as the beautiful rustic olden city center. As I moved to explore areas outside Manama I was delighted  to see traditional Bahraini or Arabic style of Architecture, burial mounds, non touristy islands and beaches, centuries old burial sites and lots more.

The few highlights of my trip will surely have to be the Bakri Eid Festival I celebrated there and the extensive amount and variety of Non vegetarian cuisine found in Bahrain. Keep a watch on our future, more detailed posts on Bahrain. Till then, enjoy a tour across Bahrain through our photo essay.

1. Al Jasra Handicrafts Village

PhotoGrid_1422682802095Photo: Nisreen & Farhan 


2. Bab Al Bahrain

PhotoGrid_1422684263726Photo: Nisreen Akolawala 


3. Bahrain Museum

PhotoGrid_1422797358090Photo: Nisreen Akolawala 


4. Eid Namaz

PhotoGrid_1422798376934Photo: Nisreen Akolawala 


5. F1 Circuit

PhotoGrid_1422865531224Photo: Mohammed Janjira 


6. Food of Bahrain

PhotoGrid_1422931943022Photo: Nisreen Akolawala 


7. Grand Mosque

PhotoGrid_1422865687239Photo: Nisreen & Aneesa Janjira 


8. Open Air Irani Breakfast

PhotoGrid_1422926941149Photo: Nisreen Akolawala 


9. Portuguese Fort

PhotoGrid_1422928125061Photo: Nisreen Akolawala


10. Reef Island

PhotoGrid_1422871394870Photo: Nisreen Akolawala


11. Traditional Souqs (markets) of Bahrain

PhotoGrid_1422929721246Photo: Nisreen Akolawala




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