Overcoming your biggest worry when you have just started your online business

dreamsDoing a 9-5 job and doing a freelance online business are worlds apart as we all know. But what are the biggest fears you will face when you move from a regular job into a business you are passionate about???? Read on to find out what we faced and what you could do to overcome them all to create a happy start.

Imagine yourself having finally taken the big leap into working your business full-time. You have quit your old boring job that no longer interests you and have taken a risk to step into a life that is very unpredictable, but full of freedom and passion!

How long you’ve waited for this taste of freedom! You are now ready with a well worked out business plan, fool-proof strategies and truckloads of ideas. You are your own boss now and don’t need an alarm or a daylight to keep you to work on this life you dreamt of.

Perfect isn’t it? Well almost, but let us highlight to you few difficulties that you may encounter on choosing to be your own boss in the field you are passionate about and how you can work around these barriers to create your dream life!


  1. After a peak of an exciting month or two of your business you will realise the biggest difference of doing a business v/s a 9-5 job is that you no longer have the security of a monthly pay that pops into your account. Also your annual/sick leaves are now unpaid.

Pros: You no more have to report to your boss or senior to prove your worth. It is your hands entirely how much you earn and also you can take a break or sick leave when you feel like ; no one to tell you off!

 2. Working on your own business will teach you to accept uncertainty. Every day and month will be different and exciting and yes you will have to work 100 times harder than you would in a regular job to get that one client!

Pros: You become more confident as a person when you have to handle tough situations on your own and overcome them successfully. You will not mind doing that extra hard work and every new client will be a new feather in your own cap.

  1. You no longer have fixed timings for work, you will have to work at any time of the day or night to complete a job, failing which you will have no one else to blame but yourself.

Pros: You don’t necessarily have to finish your work in a fixed time from 9-5.You can work as and when it suites you and also manage your personal life accordingly.

  1. You may have to budget yourself wisely (like we do always) and probably sacrifice a lot of the “so-called” luxuries others indulge in to live a life we are passionate about. Money doesn’t come easy and definitely not when you are your own PR, writer, photographer, marketing executive, website designer and business planner. Oh! Did we remind you that you have to remove time for your house, family and kids too. 😉

Pros: You learn how to budget yourselves and manage all the tasks of your business single handedly. This is of utmost important when you have just started off as you can’t afford to outsource your workload yet. You will be surprised that you still are enjoying a comfortable life whilst money still shows in the account and keeps on coming from various sources.

  1. It is not easy to work from home. If you are living alone it’s a boon but for all those who live with parents/ friends/siblings or kids it’s a tough road ahead! Why??  no one will ever understand why you are stuck to that computer or phone all day or why you keep travelling all the time (may it be for work).

Pros: Your family and friends start to understand over time that it is very much possible to handle a successful business from home without a regular 9-5 job. Also you figure out so many ways and means of earning which you would have never discovered before and in the bargain enjoy life a lot more.

  1. You will have 100’s (make it 1000’s) of friends and family coming to you for free advice or work when they know that, that “work” is the only source of income you have. :/

Pros: Towards the end of your first year of business, you will know how to deal with these enquiries. You will learn to respect your hard work and say “no” when required.

  1. You will make many mistakes. Period.

Pros: That is how you will learn the tricks of the trade. It will take months or years to build up a successful business which you will be finally proud of! You can successfully work around these cons through better management of time, money and a good research on your field of work so as to create your dream business.


We have accepted the uncertainty and risk factor in our online travel business and yet took a plunge into it as we wanted to live a life we are passionate about, not just a life that makes us a slave of an organisation or a  person for a fat pay check.

Yes we do face difficulties sometimes and it’s no cakewalk..but who said it would be easy? What is important is that we are striving to  working hard on something we are passionate about. Something that makes us happier souls. If you never experiment and take the first step towards your dream life, how will you overcome your fear of starting out on your own?

How many of you agree with us?


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