How do I describe Matheran to you? It is one place I always want to get to when I am sick and tired of the rush and noise of busy city of Mumbai. The one hill station that I feel proud to go to and promote because it is an ‘Eco Destination’. Yes you heard it right. The whole of Matheran lies atop a hill and no cars or  vehicles of any sort are allowed inside it. You may feel you are transported into a different era , if I may say so. Your journey to your destination starts off with a fun ride on  a slow toy train from the station of  Neral (Neral can be easily accessed from Mumbai by public transport!) . The ones among you who love trekking can walk up to the hill station from the Dasturi Naka in case you don’t want to take the train. Matheran was re-discovered by the Mumbaikar’s in 1907 when  Sir Adamjee Peerbhoy’s introduced the Matheran Hill Railway (later accorded a World Heritage status by UNESCO)which made the journey as special as the destination.


As the train chugged up  the two hour journey and 20 km from Neral , you will be hugging the curves of mountains, gorges and valleys. Try  berries, meetha imli and other stuff sold by local hawkers while you enjoy this slow but breathtaking ride to Matheran.

matheran 1As soon as you step foot in Matheran you will be surrounded by ….Horses, cycles and hand drawn carriages! In an age of mechanized mayhem, when the only sound you can hear is the neighing or trotting of the Horses…that itself is a treat of relaxation you can gift yourself!



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        Things to see/do:

  • Look out Points (Porcupine Point, Echo Point, Monkey Point, Panorama Point, and Heart Point are some of the favorites)
  • Local Shopping for Leather & Handmade Footwear and Bags
  • Trekking/Hiking from various points at the foot of the hills up to Matheran
  • Horse Riding
  • Valley crossing
  • Exploring the Village behind the Bazaar area
  • Walking and enjoying your solitude time!


Our Tips for you

  • You must come to Matheran in the rains (June-September). That is when the whole landscape gets converted into a dreamy romantic land with clouds touching you as you explore the Hill station and smell the fresh smell of the wet soil. Truly a heavenly experience!
  • Walk walk walk! Yes, we suggest you walk to your favorite view points sometimes rather than taking the horse. You will enjoy being in the midst of nature and will connect to it even better. You may spot a few species of Birds as you walk . What better way can one get to explore a place like this, than on foot!
  • Buy hand made footwear from the many shops in Matheran. These shopkeepers put their heart and soul in making the footwear and have been into this business for decades. Why not spend your money shopping here rather than the plush Malls of your City?

MATH3Contact Us  for a Eco Holiday close to Mumbai, Matheran!


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