Journeys to the Soul Of India

Hello Travel Bugs,

“Taking a walk in the paddy fields, riding a Horse/Bullock Cart,sleeping under a shade of a big banyan tree on a charpoy (Khatiya), eating homemade wholesome meals cooked with love. Sounds like a holiday you’d like to experience?Lets go Explore India like a Local and not like a tourist!Come and be a part of our journey.”

Soul Indian Journeys, a travel organization attempts to promote responsible tourism in India and enrich your experience as well as help provide work and income opportunities to rural India. It opens your heart and soul to an India that may not exist in guide books, a country that is rich and vibrant, possessing an ancient soul full of diversity and contrast.

The founders are passionate about protecting and promoting not just Indian culture and destinations, but also supporting the livelihoods of rural communities in India. Soul Indian Journeys will take you to a side of India that not many people have experienced or heard of before. We will make sure that your holiday is unique and personalized as per your needs and interests. Our destinations  are scattered in different parts of India allowing you to  experience a traditional way of life and go back home with a heart full of memories and deep bonding with India that will surely last forever.

As you set off on your holiday, our rural home stays,heritage,houseboat & farm stays will let you discover the vibrant culture of India’s villages and towns, indulge in delectable local cuisines, uncover ancient traditions, rejuvenate your spirit with the region’s folk music & dances, discuss local legends & stories around a bonfire, and explore centuries old indigenous art forms.

We all need that one break where we are cut off from the city life,phone calls,internet and robotic life!Imagine being at a destination, where you may be one of the few tourists in the region, hence getting a chance to interact closely with your local hosts,craftsmen. You will be proud to know that the revenue you will bring to the locality will in turn help the community to survive and help their local communities, heritage, culture, traditions and art forms.We will make sure you don’t have a burn a hole in your pocket,neither do we want you to be constrained by lack of accurate information to experience these life changing experiences.

Here at Soul Indian Journeys, we aspire to carve out travel experiences that are affordable, accessible, experiential and responsible and make sure you go out there and have a “Journey of a Lifetime that touches your Soul”.


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