How to make your Travel DrEaMz POSSIBLE!

Its possible!


Wanted to travel, but can’t save? Is your dream trip still a dream? Have heard of fun-filled backpacking trips from friends, but don’t know where and how to start?

Well, it’s not as difficult as it may seem as long you make travel the ambition of your soul. There are various ways in which you can save money before your journey and during your trip – and still have all the fun.

This time around,  going by our experiences; we will give you a few handy tips to make your dreams come true.


           1. Plan your Budget!

Well, budget and savings go hand in hand, as you know. And before we plan any trip, or rather even set thoughts on going on a trip, the budget for your trip hits you hard in your face, especially if it’s a long-term travel. And then you console yourself with a “Never mind, next year for sure”. No!! Its now or never! Its natural to lapse and get complacent – it happened to us too…until now.

So yes, take a sabbatical. Not getting one? Quit! Jobs come and go in one’s life, time doesn’t.

Okay, lets now see where you payslip actually disappears and how you can still sustain:

  • You pay your mortgage/rent for your house.
  • You shop and wear branded clothes from time to time.
  • Your electricity and telephone bills take up a part of your funds.
  • Your transportation and fuel don’t cost any cheaper.
  • Entertainment and parties is necessary for you and well, you can hold your pocket there either.

Well, let’s imagine, you don’t have any of these expenses. Well yes! None of these expenses for a while, would travelling become more possible and fun for you then? It definitely would. 🙂

Taking a break from work is well worth it if you can manage the above hindrances.

Ways to combat these obstacles:

  •  Give your house on rent/ sublet your rented apartment.
  • Use your existing wardrobe that’s been sitting on the shelves for a while to be worn.
  • Your bills will suddenly disappear as your house is rented now.
  • You are on your dream trip, so the daily transportation costs now become nil.
  • Why go to entertain yourselves at parties when you are now exploring new destinations every day and Mother Nature is entertaining you.


Now let’s make it even easier for you…

           2. Team up!

Having a travel partner can ease up your savings to a large extent. A sibling/family member/spouse/friend can all be the best travel buddies if they share the same intentions as yours. Travelling with a partner can ease your budget in a number of ways.

  •  You now pay lesser tariff for your room at a hotel/lodge.
  • Unless you are honeymooning, stay at gorgeous home stays and bond with local families. Fancy hotels only burn pockets and eat into your budget.
  • Transportation gets cheaper as you share costs. Also taking the local mediums of transportation is easier and fun when you have someone with you.
  • Food on a platter can now be shared!
  • Two heads work better than one, so better ideas to manage funds crop up whilst on the journey.
  • Trying out local restaurants at places rather than dining at fancy ones. Chances are you can spoil yourself with more authentic & delicious meals and also save up.
  • Don’t pre-book your stays and transportation before your journey! Pick your place for the night, on the go. Stay on if you like it -move on if you don’t. It’s fun, esp. when you have good company. You are sure to meet like minded people as you go along.

However, here travelling solo can be as good too, if you can work the above factors on your own, at ease.


Now the most important thing to remember…

         3. Travel light!

It’s a common tendency for all of us to carry all what we see in our house before our travel; just that we could use it ‘in case’ we needed it.

Well, resist that! When you are setting out on a long trip or even for a shorter one, carrying light allows you to be more flexible to move around. Besides, when in an unfamiliar place, safety concerns are on top of our minds. Tagging along your laptop, expensive camera lenses and dozens of branded clothes won’t make it any easier to calm your mind. In fact, it will take away from the excitement of a scot-free journey. Also the additional weight on your shoulders is sure to weigh you down before you know it.

-Traveling light is very essential:-

  • You are worry free instead of taking care of your valuables all the time.
  • You are taking a long break to explore the world. Well, you don’t want to go wrong here by loosing your laptop which you had once saved for.
  • Lesser weight lends more flexibility to explore on foot. Get on that trek or climb that mountain – you hardly have any weight on you! 😉
  • You save money in places on paying for excess baggage.
  • If you choose to use road transport, you will have less load to drag around.


This one’s a winner…

         4. Earn your bucks while on your journey!

Working whilst travelling can be a good option. Many countries offer programs where you can teach English to children, help clean out a beach or a mangrove forest, give a helping hand on the farms, be part of general awareness programs or if you are skilled at playing any instrument, well then you can entertain your new local friends and still get paid for it!

Travelling long-term means you gotta exploit your skills and use them to further ease your journey wherever possible.


Now let’s up sum up the Top 10 benefits of your travels:

  1. You have finally been on your long-awaited dream trip.
  2. You have made amazing new friends along the road, some of whom can well be your next travel partners.
  3. You have now learnt about a new culture, have interacted with the locals and feel so good about the whole experience.
  4. You realize that travelling and taking breaks in life isn’t as difficult as you thought.
  5. Majority of your savings is still intact as you worked upon your budget well in advance.
  6. You have discovered many new hidden beautiful places on your trip, which you had initially not planned to visit.
  7. You come across different experiences and have tried out a few new things that you have never in your wildest of dreams thought of before. Well, this all adds to your travel experience to treasure.
  8. You emerge out as a better and a more positive learned individual.
  9. You are now ready to give tips to your friends and family to follow your own foot-steps.
  10. You are already planning your next trip!


Doesn’t travelling sound easier now? Well, it sure does. It’s just the initial courage and move to make, after which your journey turns into a journey of a lifetime. A journey where an end of one trip makes you plan the next.

Hope this little experience of our inspires you, to take your long-awaited move in life.


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