Goa in the rains! An affair to remember.



goa rains
Being a popular touristy destination for its sun-kissed beaches, most tend to travel to Goa during summer time when they can hop from one beach to another and laze their day out on the best beaches, the country boasts about. The state draws maximum tourist from all around the world during this season making it a popular tourist destination that we all know about, since years. Monsoon time in Goa however, has a different touch of beauty to relish that is unexplored and unseen.
Goa during the monsoons takes you back in Goan time. Colourful sunsets, cool gentle breeze and giant sea waves hitting the sea face make it a spectacle to feel and watch whilst you spend your day by the shore. Also, as fewer tourist visit the state at this time of the year; means the beaches of Goa are less crowded, making it your own secret beach to enjoy and unwind. However, here is lots to explore and admire in Goa than merely the beaches. The Monsoons in Goa is a time when the rains bring a touch of romance and freshness to the place.
On your journey, we recommend a few things that you shouldn’t give a miss during this period:
  • Must visits:-


1. The Mollem National Park and Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary are picturesque wildlife sanctuaries that are open to public all year round and are worth a visit.
2. The Dudhsagar falls rage at its maximum during monsoons as water gushes in full speed and intensity during the rainy period. A day trip to the falls fills in the gap easily from the normal beachside day.
3. Come late August, the Bonderam flag festival takes place in the island of Divar to mark the remembrance of old territorial battles that took place on the island in the past. The village comes alive with music whilst locals dress up in colourful clothes and performing the traditional proceedings. The festival attracts large crowds every year from all around the world.
4. From Ponda, the drive to the spice plantations in Savoi is a scenic one and most enjoyed during the monsoons.
  • Where to stay:-

goa rains accom

Rather than staying at the hotels in Goa, a stay at a homestay in Goa allows you to taste the spice of life that Goan hospitality offers whilst giving you the comfort that a hotel offers you. Living with local friendly hosts, engaging in local activities and feasting on homemade Goan food completes one experience of a visit to Goa.
 Travel this monsoons to Goa with us, to experience what only  a few tend to see.
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