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Let me guess ,you are 25-35 years old, working for 3-8 years in a job that you hate. And now you are looking for a new job/employer and you feel that it will all be alright! Unfortunately it won’t be!

If you are dating someone/engaged/married then you are envious of your single friends and their freedom. If you are single everyone you know is getting married or pregnant. But unlike Barney Stinson your are not getting awesome.

Your weekends are either spent lazing in the bed nursing a hangover from previous nights or the movie-multiplex-merchandise-fancy restaurant-mall routine.

You have dreams but you are not sure you will ever fulfil them. You are confused about your future or rather the lack of it. In short your life is a mess. Is that you?

The next question I want to ask is

• Do you hate falling into this routing and regret time for following your dreams?

• Do you want to change it?

If you have answered a yes to the above, then read on.

If I would have asked these very questions a year or two back or even my response would have been a HUGE YES! Right now I am jobless(or let’s say the cubicle ,computer, corporate -jobless).I had been working for 4 years plus and always had this dream of Travelling places and doing something in that line. I also developed my Photography because of Travelling. But alas! my job didn’t allow me many days off from work and in fact took most of my waking time and this frustrated me to no end! I would take every leave allowed and every penny saved to travel. I would rather work in office than waste my precious “Sick Leave” on doing anything but travelling .My dream was to travel the world armed with my Lens and the longer I stick to the cubicle, the farther away from the dream I would be. I’m working hard toward my dream and am in a happier place right now!

Follow-Your-Dreams-QuotesMy dream was to Travel /Photography and create a life/living through it. What is yours? What is that one thing you think of day and night and regret having done it? Is it too late? Naah.

The resistance to change is what stops us from living the life of our dreams. Usually, when you decide to write a new chapter of your life you are met with resistance. Resistance from Parents, Husband, friends, job and yourself etc.

Resistance to change is a major – and normal – part of our lives. Once you learn how to overcome it you will have won half the race!

Most people give in to the resistance and as a result never end up doing what their heart calls them to do.

Do you have a burning desire, a crystal clear dream, but a series of roadblocks? Let’s get them out before they take you away from your dreams.

How badly do YOU want it?


For the Universe to work with you on creating your dreams, it has to know that you are fully committed, so it tests you with road blocks. Change cannot come without breaking through the resistance holding you back into your comfort bubble. If you can move beyond that resistance you’ve entered a new realm called Your Desired Life.

What has given me strength in such times is following people who have actually fulfilled the dreams I want to fulfil. People who were as human as you and me, who had the same fears and how they overcome it. These are the ones who can show you the clear path and help you jump the hurdles. These are the people who will support and encourage you in the pursuit of your dreams. They have walked in your shoes before and know the path that is easiest to follow.

A lot of people dream of travelling but they are not even able to take a yearly leave off from work to go to places they have been inspired of! Lets figure out the reasons you won’t Travel.

The 5 biggest reasons you won’t travel:

1. I can’t leave my family

2. I don’t have enough money

3. My career will suffer

4. I have too many responsibilities

5. I will be alone

I will be throwing some light on each of these in my further posts. Keep a watch!

Ok, so here’s what you need to do if you want to get regular inspirations on Travel and take that Journey within India, which not many have taken. Away from the maddening city crowds, closer to India, closer to yourself!

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