Festive time in India, are you ready Travel bugs?

FEST COLLAGECome September and India gets magically transformed into a colourful, lively place with lights, music, dance, food and everything good you can think of! September to April is the perfect time for migrating travellers and photographers to come out and explore the country.

From choosing to celebrate Durga pooja in Kolkata for 10 days to celebrating Dev Diwali amidst thousands of floating diyas(or lamps) in Varanasi to getting your adrenaline rushing as you watch the magnificent boat race festival in the backwaters of Kerala to dancing in a rhythm in the widely popular Garba or Navratri festival in Gujarat to being a part of the vivacious and colourful  Goan Carnival to enjoying a desert ride on a Camel with a backdrop of white salt desert in the Rann of Kutch festival to learning about the 16 tribes in Nagaland’s Hornbill festival to feasting your eyes with yellow mustard fields in Punjab‘s very own  harvesting festival Baisakhi….Phew!


How many festivals have you intended to witness this year, travel bugs?


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