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Soaring mountains, sweltering desert, shimmering backwaters, luscious paddy fields: the colossal variety of India’s natural environment will truly make your head spin. Well to add to this, from north to south, the country’s food mirrors also stand at par in making the best blend of varieties for the food palette. The extreme climates found in India have created a multitude of cuisines, from the stuffed chilli cutlets found in the north’s parching Rajasthan, to the potent toddy (coconut beer) found in the south’s coconut-rich Kerala .

Ever thoughtful, the colourful cuisine of this country caters to every travelers diet. Seafood fans will find flavorful dishes in the north and south: with fruity and Portuguese twists in West Bengal and Goa respectively. If you prefer slow-cooked meals, the ‘Dum Pukht’ techniques used in the Awadhi cuisine will be a revelation for you. Far north, the cuisine is rich with flavors and variety too. Whilst Kashmir boasts of delectable cuisine from the spicy Rogan Gosh right to their multi course elaborate meal called the ‘Wazwan’;  the people of Sikkim don’t fail to impress your taste buds with their yummy Thukpas and Momos which go perfect to eat with the chilly climate, the place is to offer.

India is truly a vegetarian’s haven, with the amazing array of vegetarian dishes available. From Masala Dosa and Idli in the south to Pani Puri and Chole Bhature in the north, India has its elaborate vegetarian fare for any person looking for a good meal. One food item that unites all travelers is the refreshing Lassi: a milky drink, best in mango or banana flavors, which provides the perfect respite from a spicy curry.

India’s talent for combining her natural assets with the best outside influences has led to a delightful and often a surprising cuisine. Prepare to be rocked this way, that way, and another new way altogether: India and her incredible cuisine will transform your taste-buds forever.

The vibrant, intensely colourful world of Indian food will never fail to entice and attract you each and every time you visit India. Each region of India has its own style of cooking and boasts of its distinct flavors. Soul Indian Journeys has handpicked destinations that offer distinctive cuisine that you wouldn’t want to miss.

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