Punjab is a state tucked in the northwest part of India. The term Punjab comprises two words: “Punj meaning five and Ab meaning water, thus the land of five rivers.” With its fertile farming land, it comes as a strong contender on being India’s most prosperous states.

The ever famous Bhangra, is a traditional folk dance which evolves from Punjab and has become a foot tapping dance in many places around the world. Ballads of love, warm hospitality, festivals and fairs, music, dancing, and Punjabi literature are among the characteristic expressions of the state’s cultural life.

Punjab is a land that celebrates various seasonal and religious festivals, such as Dussehra, Diwali and Baisakhi.

Indulging in activities such as living on the farms surrounded by lush mustard/wheat and rice fields, milking the cattle in the mornings, feasting on vegetables & milk products freshly obtained from the farms, horse and camel riding, riding a tractor among the fields, wearing a turban, dancing Bhangra and Gidda with local Punjabi dancers during their traditional performances and sinking in on delicious Punjabi cuisine and warm hospitality all come as part of our tailored itineraries in addition to visiting the state’s major landmarks. If this is your idea of an ideal holiday escape, then Punjab should be the next destination on your agenda.

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