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If you are a soul traveler seeking to experience the infinite dimension through nature,culture and people who inhabit the land then Kutch is the best holiday you can give yourself.

Kutch lies in the western most region of the country sharing a long border with Pakistan. The multifarious coastal topography has cast a direct influence on the hinterland. The biodiversity of the region is exemplary, salt plains and scrub desert vie for space with rich grasslands and mangrove watered coral reefs.It has deserts,white shimmering salt pans,organic towns and villages and sprawling wildlife!

It is often overshadowed in popularity by the neighboring Rajasthan. The reality is  that there is is so much differences in the people,and culture of Kutch which is seen in the way they live.The local people have time and again shown resilience to the harsh climate and difficult life they have by creating one of the most beautiful art,embroidery and architecture work that you will witness ever!


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 Kutch on the map:


 Things to see:

  • White Rann
  • Banni Villages
  • Mandvi Town
  • Textiles and Handicrafts making
  • Archaeological site Dholavira (Ancient Harrappan Civilization remnant)
  • Palaces in Bhuj

 Shopping in Kutch:

  • Bandhni Material Bags/Dupatta/Scarfs/Bed sheets etc
  •  Intricately Embroidered Materials and Artifacts
  • Block printed Materials Outfits etc
  • Copper Artifacts
  • Weaved Carpets and Wall hangings from Bhujodi
  • Naturally Dyed Fabrics
  • Leather Artifacts
  • Silver Jewelry and Handicrafts
  • Wooden Carved Artifacts
  • Pottery


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