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India’s  newest state Chattisgarh enjoys a range of attractions to lure the Indian Explorer to come and explore its beauty,wildlife and culture.The best part is that a variety of tourist places in Chattisgarh are virtually unexplored. Which is a good thing for all you people seeing to go and explore places that are off-beat and off the tourist trail so to say! The unspoilt green forests, dotted with picturesque waterfalls, scenic plateaus and winding rivers offer a feast to eyes. The caves and forts of a forgotten era add to the variety of tourist attractions in Chattisgarh. Myriads of wildlife hide in the forests of Chattisgarh, which occupy a huge 42% of the state’s land surface. Last but not the least important to mention is the lure of exotic tribal life of Chattisgarh that acts as a magnet to attract tourist to the city of Chattisgarh


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For all those of you who want to get up and close with the tribes in central and eastern India, this is where your search will end! It is usually combined with Orissa tours to give the  best and unique holiday combining culture and tribal tours of both the states. We will customize the tour as per your interests and make sure you have a trip of a lifetime and allow you to feel the Soul of India .


 Chattisgarh on Map:


  Things to see:

  • Indegenious Tribes and wildlife  of Bastar
  • Chitrakoot Waterfalls

  Shopping in Chattisgarh:

  • Handloom Artifacts
  • Dokra Metal Sculptures and Handicrafts
  • Artifacts made out of wood ,bamboo,bone,horn,feathers etc



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