10 Best Places to travel in India in August


What do you think of, when I say the word, August? Let us tell you what comes to our mind. As soon as we hear this word, we think of heavy rain showers, cool breeze and lush greenery. We think of gushing waterfalls and clouds that touch the earth. Well, …

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10 romantic stays in India to lock yourselves this Valentine season

A candlelit meal in an ancient haveli, a moonlit boat ride, your own private bliss in the middle of rain forest, a romantic villa near the wildlife, your own private room in the mountains, open air baths, camping under a million stars with your loved one —romance often blossoms in a magical …

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Goa in the rains! An affair to remember.

VISIT GOA IN THE RAINS…   Being a popular touristy destination for its sun-kissed beaches, most tend to travel to Goa during summer time when they can hop from one beach to another and laze their day out on the best beaches, the country boasts about. The state draws maximum …

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