In Photos: Halong Bay on Land- Hoa Lu & Tam Coc

Halong Bay on Land

There are very few places in the world that are not touched by the concrete jungle. Hanoi in Northern Vietnam is no different. It is buzzing with so much activity, people and sound that it almost feels like you are on a different planet when you move out of the …

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A day out at Hyams Beach NSW

Jervis Bay

Every time we visit this beach, located 3 hours from Sydney; we thank our stars for making us settle in Australia. Yes! that is how much we love Hyams beach. My love story began since the time we saw an advertisement on YouTube about the beach. In front of me was this pristine …

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10 must-do things to do in Port Stephens

Port Stephens beach

Do you want to spend your next long weekend on a hidden beach or sand board your way down the golden sand dunes without spending on an air ticket to Queensland or the Sahara Desert ? We got your back on this one! There is a place 3 hours from …

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Discover Offbeat destinations: Raghurajpur


Certain destinations in India are a heaven for all those seeking to explore the hidden art and artifacts that India has! Whether you are seeking to experience the rustic village life of a typical East Indian Village or learn how the locals create different types of handicraft paintings, you can …

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Weekend destination’s from Mumbai : Purushwadi

Come June, and the slight drizzle of the rain brings out  the comforting earthy smell that all Mumbaikars have been waiting for all year! But monsoon also brings out lots more magical happenings, if only you are ready to travel the distance! Mumbai, known as the commercial Capital of India, …

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10 extraordinary experiences in Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Picture: Australia Sometimes you go to places where you discover how little you are in this big wide world amidst nature and other beings. Kangaroo Island in South Australia was that kind of place for me. Just as we were decided where to head first whilst in Australia as a couple…we …

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5 Magical road trips you can do from Bangalore

Road trips are a fun way to explore places in more detail. Like the saying ” The journey is more fun than the destination”, you will remember more than you see as you take one of these exciting road trips. In the landscapes around Bangalore lie a heaven for nature …

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What makes India so Unique as a travel destination?

What makes India so unique as a destination? Is it its history and ancient civilization? Is it its spiritualism? Is it a culmination of forests, valleys, snow-clad mountains, golden deserts, backwaters, tribal villages? What do you think sets it apart? We think it is the people of India. They are …

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Offbeat destinations: Lachen

Are you looking for tips on things to do in Lachen? As part of our Travel Guide: Offbeat destinations series, we share with you our insider tips on the best things to do in Lachen, including advice on where to eat, sleep, and explore. Why visit Lachen ? If you are going …

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Face to face with African wildlife

Having come from a country where I had always seen wildlife in zoos, here I was face to face with the African wildlife (this time, us in enclosed vans and them free- like how it should be!)   I had always heard stories of the enchanting African wildlife since I …

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