Our Aim

Our Aim is to focus on both conserving and celebrating cultural traditions, to help the world sit up and notice the cultural and places diversity that rural India has to offer.We bring traditional Indian culture to travelers , so that they can experience India, off the beaten track and through our eyes!

We believe and propagate responsible tourism. We believe that you shouldn’t go to a place just to tick it on the travel map but should  try and experience it fully. That is possible when you explore and experience the place like a local, talk to them, understand their culture and life and see the place through their eyes!.Every place has a unique soul, that cannot be compared to any other place you have been before. We are here to make sure all you beautiful people experience such soulful holidays and come back with a life time of memories!

This endeavor in turn will help the rural villages and crafts to flourish even more whilst giving a more enriching and deeper holiday experience for everyone.


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