Australia is not just a country, but a continent vibrant with abundant natural attractions. There are unlimited beautiful beaches you can explore all along the coastline. Its cosmopolitan cities are vibrant with restaurants, festivities and events all near to beaches and other natural attractions.  On the other hand, its smaller towns located in the outback and outskirts are filled with art, culture and home-made culinary delights that will blow your mind. If you are a nature lover, you will be delighted with the trekking, bush walking and snorkeling opportunities you will encounter here. One can truly get an out of the world feeling by plunging below the water to experience Australia’s magnificent underwater life (considered one of the best in the world) or flying over its many white sand beaches in a helicopter ride. From tropical rainforests, to the magnificent Uluru to breathtaking mountains to romantic sand dunes to classy vineyards to world-famous beaches, Australia has it all.

What I love about Australia is that it is the country that is known to be the birthplace of unlimited travelers. Which is why you can find well equipped campgrounds in locations that will blow your mind. From beachside camping to camping in the outback, one can experience it all. I love the number of beaches here, in fact it is safe to say that every turn you take you may discover your own secret beach. It is one destination where wildlife and natural attractions live side by side, in pure harmony!

Use my travel guide to help plan your next trip. I am sure you will love this country as much as I do!

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