An example of resilience in the middle of Rann of Kutch

15-2-Pic-2_jpgHow many of us have cribbed about not having enough clothes, best of schools or universities, not having a car or the amount of work we have to do to earn a living? Let me give you an example of a school that is literally in the middle of the Rann in Kutch, yes the very Rann that is barren and unoccupied by flourishing villages or facilities.Here it is that so many young kids come, walking a tedious 2 km stretch in the desert to reach their school. These kids, children of salt pan workers in Rann of Kutch attend school in the morning and help their family in the salt pan in the evenings. After such a tough life at such a tender age it is heartening to see them flashing the best of smiles and a happy go lucky attitude to life!

Let Soul Indian Journeys take you to the Kutch, get you mesmerized by the culture and architecture and  touched by the resilience , talent and hard work of the people living in the harshest of conditions.

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