5 Magical road trips you can do from Bangalore

Road trips are a fun way to explore places in more detail. Like the saying ” The journey is more fun than the destination”, you will remember more than you see as you take one of these exciting road trips. In the landscapes around Bangalore lie a heaven for nature and wildlife enthusiasts as well as those interested in trekking. From lush paddy fields and coconut plantation to colorful villages. From larger than life architectural marvels to soothing tranquil forests. What are you waiting for, choose one of these 5 magical road trips you can do, when you are in Bangalore next!

  1. Coorg: IMG_1149The first go-to place to make it on the 5 best road trips you can do from Bangalore is the “Scotland of Southern India” i.e Coorg. This beautiful town is where you will find acres and acres of coffee, cardamom and the Cauvery for as far as your eyes can see. And not to forget the finger licking Kodagu cuisine that has been carried down from generations and the architectural marvels in the form of Buddhist Monasteries that you will get to enjoy.

Snuggled in the western ghats, Coorg, is a modern name for Kodagu, is a district of the state of Karnataka. This historic town, Coorg was home to many warriors, the spirit of whom is still seen in their favoritism toward adventure sports and alcohol. Coorg is also the birthplace of the Cauvery river and the Kodava people. Their food is as exotic as their history! What we particularly love about Coorg is its beautiful hills, aromatic filtered coffee, rice and coconut plantations and forests.

It is a perfect destinations for foodies, nature lovers, history enthusiasts and most of all adrenaline romancers. There are numerous homestays and luxury resorts in Coorg to cater to all kinds of travelers.

Distance from Bangalore: 280 km
Time taken: 5-6 hours

2. Wayanad: 

Hanging Bridge at Vythiri ResortUndeniably beautiful, and a rare and unique gem of Kerala; Wayanad is another fantastic location you can go on a road trip from Bangalore. The drive itself would help you spot wildlife, forests and waterfalls and much more of nature’s goodness.

You will pass through Mysore and Ooty and also drive past Kapila River on the way, which poses as a good stop for some bird watching. Drive slow to catch a possible glimpse of wandering wildlife. The moment you enter Wayanad you will witness nature flourishing like never before.

Distance from Bangalore(via Bandipur): 270 km
Time taken: 5-6 hours

3. Hampi: Boulders-of-Hampi-Karnataka-IndiaHampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site one of the best destinations for a road trip, if you are keen to uncover the hidden secrets of India’s historical past. Also called the Forgotten Empire, Hampi is famous for rocky boulders and old temples. You can take the NH4 from Bangalore to Chitradurga and then use the bypass to Hospet that will lead you straight to Hampi.

Distance from Bangalore: 350 km
Time taken: 8-9 hours

4. Anthargange:  explore-the-caves-at-anthargange-custom20151214174657Just a short ride of  70km from Bangalore and you will land into the rocky ruggedness of Anthargange. Surrounded by the Shathshrunga Ranges on both sides this destination is a haven for all those who like adventure and mystery. Located not very far from the Kolar gold fields, these unique rocky landscapes of Anthargange are more fun to explore on a night trek! You will need to take the NH4 to reach this stunner of a destination by a road trip from Bangalore.

Distance from Bangalore: 70 km
Time taken: 1 hour

5. Hogenakkal Falls: SONY DSCIn the direction of Tamil Nadu from Bangalore lie some interesting and breathtaking getaways that make great road trips.  Last but not the least of our chosen 5 road trips from Bangalore is Hogenakkal Falls which is 40km from Dharmapuri and is popular as a great backdrop for several Bollywood films. The best thing about this drive is you will be driving on typical Tamil Nadu landscapes with unlimited banana and coconut plantations on the way. It’s a brilliant option for a Bangalore road trip, because it cannot be reached via direct access of public transport.

The falls throw themselves out of a rocky terrain emitting white smoke giving its name (Hoge = smoke, kal = stone). The surrounding hills are dotted by lush green vegetation and are also surrounded with shrines. Perfect way to spend your weekend!

Distance from Bangalore: 180 km
Time taken: 3-4 hours


Any other interesting places you have in mind? Please write below and share the same with us.


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