10 things we love about Sydney – Part 1

 A juxtaposition of unlimited blue beaches, colourful laid back towns, lush landscapes, playful animal and bird life, happy and chilled out locals, warm sunny weather all year round( well almost), one of the oldest national park of the world in its vicinity teamed with finger licking local(and international) food; it’s easy to be overwhelmed when you’re in Australia’s very own  “Global City”- Sydney… Soul Indian Journey shares with you a one of three-part series on ten reasons we love Sydney.

  1. We don’t need to wait for NYE to witness breathtaking fireworks in the city , it happens every weekend!

sydney fireworks

2. We totally dig the sunny balmy weather most of the year, perfect for beach bums and BBQ under the sun.

3. There are unlimited beaches you can explore in less than an hour’s drive from home. Sydney has more than 100 beaches in all, some of which very much feel like your very own private paradise.

4.The local Sydneysiders are as friendly and chilled as you can imagine.

5. Sydney being the perfect melting pot of the world, you have so many new and unique cuisines to discover and try like Asian/Greek/Lebanese/ Turkish/English/African/South American/Indian/Pakistani (the list can go on and on).All you foodies can enjoy a new flavour every week!


6. We have many national parks bordering Sydney, where we can indulge in hiking/photography/ discovery/cycling/swimming/full moon walks/ beach explorations, all this and more just in a day trip. Royal National park, located within an hour from Sydney is the second oldest national park in the world, second to none other than Yellowstone National park in USA.


7. Mountain lovers do not fret, we have our very own Blue Mountains(or snowy mountains), not very far from city where you can enjoy a number of outdoor activities.

NSW; Blue Mountains;

8. There are beaches close to Sydney, where you can sunbathe with (hold your breath)….Kangaroos. Yes, this is true. Hit Pebbly beach in Murramurang National Park and see it for yourself.



9. If you just have a day in hand and want to indulge in Snorkelling, do not worry, there are secret snorkelling heavens surrounding Sydney. Head to Shelly Beach/Little Bay or Clovelly to enjoy snorkelling.


10. There are cute little country towns, which you can explore within an hour’s drive from home. Handmade pies or fish and chips, colourful trinkets or beautiful country side homes with attached farms having horses; you can explore all this and more.




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