10 Best Places to travel in India in August


What do you think of, when I say the word, August? Let us tell you what comes to our mind. As soon as we hear this word, we think of heavy rain showers, cool breeze and lush greenery. We think of gushing waterfalls and clouds that touch the earth. Well, the long weekend in August is coming soon so here are 10 best places in India you can travel to:


Yusmarg, Kashmir

When you think of Kashmir you think of Gulmarg, Sonamarg and Pahalgam but we are always looking for new hidden destinations, away from the touristy crowd. Yusmarg is one of them! The jewel of Bagdam district, Yusmarg shelters many picture perfect locales. It mesmerises tourists with its natural beauty and is also famed for having exceptional springs of flowers. It has some of the highest peaks in the PirPanjal range including Tattakutti (4,725 m) and Sunset Peak (4,746m).  Read this beautiful photo blog and you will know why we recommend you to go to Yusmarg too.



Wayanad, Kerala

Wayanad is definitely one of the best secrets of Kerala, best visited in August/ September when the monsoon is in its full flow! Wayanad gets a romantic feel in August, due to the unlimited waterfalls, lush forests, green surroundings and cool mountain air. These gifts of nature do not merely have a balmy effect on your tired soul, rather they give you a kind of happiness that is simply indescribable.


Wayanad in the rains


Spiti, Himachal

If you are looking for a destination that is breathtaking and ideal for a place for some solitude, then Lahaul- Spiti is where you can head. It also offers a lot of adventure activities such as Skiing along with Yak Safari and exciting wildlife trails. You can spend your holidays admiring the beautiful monasteries that command a visit alongside some unique shrines that speak of the customs of this region.



Mcleodganj, Himachal

Mcleodganj is where you will find a mix of foreigners, orange robed men and North Indian tourists. If you are keen to witness the beauty of Eastern Himalayas, then you must head to Mcleodganj. In fact, there are so many smaller, places around Mcleodganj that offer a perfect recluse from the crowds. You will be fascinated by the small stalls & shops selling colourful bric-a-brac, a reminder of their Tibetan past.

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Turtuk, Ladakh

Blue skies, snow covered mountains and fluttering flags await you along with incredible beauty, a sense of adventure that will prevail through your trip in Ladakh. Visit Turtuk, probably the last offbeat destination of Ladakh. Turtuk was earlier part of Baltistan and Pakistan and after the war of 1971, India reclaimed this region once again. It is now the ONLY place in the country where the Balti culture is still prevalent!

Turtuk kids

Turtuk Kids- PC: Spanafrican Adventures

Murudeshwar, Karnataka


Dapoli, Maharashtra

One of the pristine, unspoilt and stunning stretches of the coast of Maharashtra, Dapoli is worth a visit for anyone who likes virgin beaches untouched by commercial crowds. Located 200 km from Mumbai, the Murud beach in Dapoli welcomes you with pleasant views after an adventurous twisty route over the hills. There are other interesting places on the stretch of Karde, the busy fishermen coast of Harnai and the beautiful and secluded Anjarla and many other unknown beaches that are worth a visit.


Dapoli Beach

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Goa is BEAUTIFUL in the rains! Picture this: Lesser crowds on the beach, no shacks crowding the beaches. Pristine beaches regaining their glory, gushing waterfalls, lush greenery all around and colourful sleepy towns. Goa in rains has its own charms and we reckon you must visit it.

Goa in rains



Kasol, Himachal

Kasol is one of the less frequented holiday places of Himachal Pradesh, one of the best place to be for an authentic mountain side experience you can do in August. The snow capped Himalayas, the Parvati river, the hippie tourists all together make for a trip worth remembering.



Gokarna, Karnataka

India has so many beautiful beach towns, but Gokarna surely is an offbeat secret beach, that not many explore. Famous for its pristine, unspoilt beaches, Gokarna is primarily a temple town, with a slow and relaxed atmosphere, which makes for a very pleasurable offbeat holiday in August. You can either hire a motorbike and explore the town or pay a visit to the ancient temples. You will particularly love watching the sunrise/sunset or stepping into the warm waters for a swim. Whats more, the shacks on the beach have great food, great music and interesting people!




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  1. Great post..! Thanks for sharing really an interesting post, The pictures are stunning. These places have the touch of Europe continent. Yusmarg from the list is my favorite. Looks like a heaven.

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