10 Honeymoon destinations in India better than any International counterpart

A Honeymoon isn’t just a vacation, it is also the time when you and your partner take the first steps into the journey of life.


We all know how Indian weddings can be! The best way to let your hair down and enjoy after the marathon wedding events is to plan a honeymoon with your partner. A Honeymoon is a time where you will get to know your spouse and spend quality time as a married couple. A time to create memories that will last forever.

There’s nothing worse than having a honeymoon in a place that doesn’t suit you or drains you out. I am sure you would agree with us that most important step in planning a honeymoon is selecting the right destination. It is also worth identifying what kind of a honeymoon you’re looking at. Do you want an adventure filled holiday or do you want to relax in a spa-like setting?

Another aspect that all couples have to keep in mind is their budget. After spending a fortune on that big fat Indian wedding, finance is one big factor that you have to consider while deciding your honeymoon destination. This is why we have come up with a perfect list of honeymoon destinations within India for you. There are a number of breathtaking destinations in India that are much better than any foreign honeymoon destination you may go.

Here is our recommendation for 10 places in India you can explore as you embark on this romantic journey with your loved one:

1. Havelock Island

Havelock Island

Havelock Island- PC: Mouthshut.com

Picture yourself around pristine blue waters on a secluded island with a glass of cocktail in your hand. Well, Havelock Island is just a four-hour ferry drive away from Port-Blair and is the perfect destination to set the romantic mood for your honeymoon.

With its balmy warm weather, white sand beaches and secluded islands; Andaman is one of the most trending honeymoon places in India for newlywed couples. It’s world-class water sports, sun-kissed beaches will make you wish that your holiday would never end. You can also try scuba diving, snorkelling and water sports, whilst you are here.

How to reach: Andaman’s gateway, Havelock Island is well connected both by air and sea. One can reach it by hiring an air-conditioned catamaran ferry, which takes only 90 minutes from Port Blair.

Best time to visit: October to April


2. Tawang

Tawang Honeymoon destination India

Tawang PC: TMI

If you are looking for a rather offbeat destination which is away from the touristy crowds then Tawang is an ideal place to head to. Bordered by Tibet in the North, Bhutan in the South-West and Sela ranges separate West Kameng district in the East, Tawang is both historically and naturally endowed. When in Tawang, colours and landscapes can change with every curve in the mountains. Bright yellow mustard fields merge with some brilliant orchids that suddenly morph into dense forests with rivers gliding past them to snow clad mountains and conifers to frozen lakes to a valley of clouds and much more.

All in all, Tawang is a heady mix of religion, history and nature. It is abundant with lakes and waterfalls and there will always be a beautiful surprise waiting, for all those who are ready to go off- the-beaten-track!

Connectivity: The nearest Domestic Airport is Salonibari Airport, Tezpur, roughly six-hour drive from Tawang. It is well connected to Kolkata and Guwahati through Air India flight.

Best time to visit: March to October/November


3. Haflong

Haflong Assam

If you are looking for a secluded and romantic eastern gem, then Haflong is the place for you. Known as white ant hillock, Haflong (Assam) is situated 345 km from Guwahati. This beautiful town is surrounded by mist filled hills, floating clouds and everything that a nature lover would want! That is why it is fondly known as ‘Switzerland of the East’.

Connectivity: The nearest airport to Haflong is Silchar. The best way to reach Haflong is by road from Guwahati, around 345KM. Guwahati is very well connected by train, air from many cities in India.

Best time to visit: September to January


4. Spiti

Spiti Romantic destination India

Spiti-PC: Thinktravelliftgrow

If you and your partner are adventure junkies and look for every instance to run to the mountains then we have the right place for you.  Spiti is located between India and Tibet and is also known as “The Middle Land”. Here is where you will find white fields of snow to wide fields of barley, lush green valley to a cold desert with different shades of brown, offering you the most breathtaking scenery that you would ever see.

Connectivity: Kullu Airport is the nearest airport. One can board a taxi or rickshaw from the airport to reach the destination.If you are coming by road then you can reach Spiti from Delhi/ Chandigarh or Manali. If you are coming by train,  then Shimla is the nearest railway station, after which you can book a cab or bus to reach Spiti.

Best time to visit: February to June and October to December


5. Wayanad



I am sure a lot of you will agree that Kerala is one of the most popular Honeymoon destination in India. But what if you want to head to a place that is not done to death and retains its virgin surroundings away from the touristy crowds, then Wayanad it is.

The name of the Wayanad is derived from Vayal Nadu. Vayal meaning Paddy fields and Nadu meaning land. So Wayanad actually symbolises a land of paddy fields. The serene beauty of the place lies in its virgin nature and surroundings that include fog-capped mountains, lush green forests and fertile agricultural estates. It is also home to a number of wild animals and has a wonderful assortment of flora and fauna.

Connectivity: Calicut is the nearest airport and the closest railway station is Kozhikode. Apart from that, it is well connected with a wide network of roads from different parts of Kerala and Karnataka.

Best time to visit: October to February and July to September (For all the chasing the rains)


6. Bikaner

Bikaner Romantic destination India

Beautiful Bikaner PC: Arun Bhat

Seeped in history and folklore, between the busy Jodhpur-Jaisalmer stretch and very much off the beaten track lies Bikaner in Rajasthan. This vibrant, dust-swirling desert town with a fabulous fort and an energising outpost feel is sure to take you and your beloved in another era. The best part of Bikaner is that it’s less dominated by tourism than many other Rajasthan cities and has some fantastic royal properties where you can stay

Connectivity: Bikaner is located in the state of Rajasthan and is easily accessible by road, rail and flight from most major cities in India. It is well connected with Delhi, Kolkata, Agra, and Jaipur. here is how to reach Bikaner.

Best time to visit: Between November to February

7. Triund

Triund Honeymoon destinations India

Triund PC: Tripoto

If you and your loved one love trekking and adventure destinations then Triund is the best place for you. Triund is the crown jewel of Dharamshala, situated in the laps of Dhauladhar mountains having the perfect view of the Dhauladhar mountains on one side and Kangra valley on the other. The views from Triund are awe-inspiring and exhilarating, to say the least!

Connectivity: Triund can be easily accessed by road from Mcleodganj. The closest airport and is Chandigarh. 

Best time to visit: February to May is the ideal season but to see lush green landscapes you can also visit it just after or during the monsoons. 


8. Sikkim


Sikkim Landscapes

One of the Himalaya’s best-kept travel secrets, Sikkim is a welcome diversion from all conventional notions of an Indian holiday. This tiny North East Indian hill state prides itself on pristine alpine forests, lofty snow-capped mountains, craggy landscapes dotted with quaint villages and a rich tribal culture brocaded with vibrant Tibetan Buddhist accents.

A fantastic adventure off the beaten track, Sikkim is a perfect honeymoon destination.

Connectivity: Bagdodra is the nearest airport from where you can drive towards Sikkim. 



9. Mashobra

Mashobra Romantic destination Insia

Mashobra PC: Expedia


If you love off the beaten places, hidden from the tourist map then Mashobra is your go-to place! Situated in the Shimla District and connected to Shimla via the historic Hindustan–Tibet Road, this place is truly heavenly in every way. Mashobra is one of those destinations in India where the climate remains pleasant all year round. You can indulge in various startling activities such as boating and trekking and also absorb the natural beauty and panoramic views of the place.

ConnectivityThe nearest Domestic Airport from Mashobra is Shimla Airport, roughly 45 min. drive from Mashobra. The second nearest Airport is Chandigarh Airport, roughly three-hour drive from the city. It is well connected to the major cities like Amritsar, New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Goa, Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Leh.

Best time to visit: October to February ( for all you snow chasers) and March to June


10. Coastal Karnataka

Coastal Karnataka

Coastal Karnataka beach

Small coastal towns, fishing villages, green forest land and an untouched natural hinterland is what Coastal Karnataka is all about. The sea-side ancient temple of Gokarna to the modern Shiva statue which is the tallest in India – coastal Karnataka is a must visit for all. From lesser know places like Idgunjee, Shirali, Baindur; this belt constantly surprises the traveller. If you are looking for a honeymoon destination abundant with beaches, coastal food and calm countryside, and love staying in quaint stays, then coastal Karnataka is for you.

Connectivity: Mangalore is the nearest airport and train station from where you can start your trip.  Coastal Karnataka is well connected with public buses all the way.

Best time to visit: November to April is the recommended time but you can also visit it during the monsoons.


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