10 experiences in Kangaroo Island

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Sometimes you go to places where you discover how little you are in this big wide world amidst nature and other beings. Kangaroo Island in South Australia was that kind of place for me. Just as we were decided where to head first whilst in Australia as a couple…we decided to choose this off-the-beat destination at the far end of Australia. Knowing that it is Australia’s third largest Island after Tasmania and Milville Island, we decided to stay longer to explore it to the max. And mind you it is bigger than you think! It is also the best place for a road trip, with almost 1600km of roads on the island, nothing can’t get better! It is almost three years down the line but still cannot forget those long endless ( and almost empty) roads, virgin beaches, Koalas & Roos in the wild, playful Seals by the beach and happy locals.

These are just a few of the many moments that will always make me nostalgic about Kangaroo Island, South Australia:


Seeing Kangaroo’s, Koala’s, Seals, Echidna’s  in the wild for the first time ever:

Being just a couple of weeks old in Australia, I was excited to get up close and personal with its native animals. It was one thing to see them in wildlife reserve’s and zoo’s and another thing seeing them in the wild! And the latter is what we did. We have a very strong belief that animals are best enjoyed when they are in their natural environment. Yes, it may get a bit tough spotting them but the wait it more than worth it. When in Kangaroo Island, you must slow down and watch these beautiful Animals, Sea life and reptiles. We assure you it will be a breathtaking experience, to say the least.



Discovering a private beach after trekking through rocks and crevices: 



Road tripping on acres and acres of (almost) empty roads: 



Flying on a mini plane, with only 14 co-passengers (for the first time):


Braving mighty gusts of winds to walk into the Admiral’s Arch, whilst watching fur seals in the wild: 

Admirals Arch is definitely one of Kangaroo Island’s most unusual natural landmarks. There are so many things about it that will impress you.You can enjoy the beautiful New Zealand fur seals that have established themselves below the Admirals Arch. It is also interesting to know that it took thousands of years of erosion to create this distinctive rock bridge near the Cape du Couedic Lighthouse on the island’s south-west coast.

Another thing we loved about Admirals Arch is the stalactites which dangle from the rocky ceiling of this former cave. Did you know that The Admirals Arch is one of the 27 officially designated geological monuments situated throughout Kangaroo Island? What’s more, this landmark is also the starting point of several hikes throughout Flinders Chase National Park.



Enjoying the sun go down on Remarkable Rocks in Flinders Chase National Park: 

500 years of rain, wind and waves have lead to these beautiful rock formations of Remarkable Rocks made of Black Mica, bluish quartz, and pinkish feldspar. It’s fun to see the changing colours of the rocks at different hours of the day but early morning and evenings are when you must go if you are looking to avoid the crowds. If you love Photography just like me, then you will get a darn good subject that almost looks like a piece of Artwork!



Visiting Vivonne Bay, once famous for being known as Australia’s best Beach:

Vivonne Bay was voted one of Australia’s top beaches by the University of Sydney. We particularly loved its clear water, cleanliness and the solitude that we got there. It is the ideal beach for romantic picnics, sunbathing, fishing and surfing, making it great for a large variety of visitors.

vivonne bay

The beautiful Beach of Vivonne Bay

Enjoying a breathtaking sunset on a virgin beach, where we almost drove into! 


Beach Kangaroo Island

Beautiful Sunset on a secret beach in Kangaroo Island

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Eating yummy local food from the quaint little restaurants in Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is a food haven, surrounded by the ocean. This wild island is home to fresh Seafood, ice-cream, sheep milk yoghurt, cheese, free range eggs, some of the finest seafood in Australia including local wines and spirits.


Kangaroo Island Food- PC: southaustralia.com

Watching (and patiently waiting) for an Echidna to cross the road while we were driving: 

Echidna Kangaroo Island

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